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  1. Restoring to a point prior to the installation does indeed render the application as not installed. The files had to be deleted but I already stated that in my previous post if look back to verify. .. yes from program files folders/files were deleted. If the uninstaller is made by the same people then it will likely leave more junk on my computer as I do not trust the developers as this point.
  2. Luckily I installed a MS update prior to installing CCleaner which created a restore point. I was able to reinstate the restore point and delete both CCleaner & Avast AV from the computer. Also I was able to find alternatives to CCleaner that are not so intrusive and misleading. Personally I don't bother with 3rd party AV's anymore as I find Defender works just fine for my needs. It likely depends on what one frequently downloads & installs from unmentioned sources. Regards, napalm
  3. I usually used Ccleaner for cleaning junk & liked its ease of editing the start menu. However just today I was installing it on a friends computer and whilst reading info in the middle of the install screen/template and going through with the install I noticed to the far left it had a check box to install Avast. Unfortunately because my attention was drawn to the center of the screen I did not notice this until right after allowing it to proceed & could not stop it nor could I uninstall Avast afterward. It is a bad idea to have an AV install auto checked because most people
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