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  1. You mean they where too ambitious to ruin and kill the comany they work for ? Sry .but i think they also surly got orders to produce it like that . Btw the market and competition has gotten a lot harsher for CCleaner since windows 10 also got usefull Onbord functions in it and basically do 90% they same.without 100% of that bulls**t.100% free also also your competitors dont have that crap. so if the DEV´s gonna Pull that crap again off users gonna lose trust und simply stop to use your Product and uninstall .and Priform already lost a lot of users for that crap. If you like a big PR disaster and if you wanna lose more potential customers ,go on. also many Big Pc and Tech Websites already Suggest to change CCcleaner out.Some even saying Priforum got big heatstroke from getting the sun to near.and they gotten mad. and i talking here about Serious Big Sites and companies that are now over 30-40 years in the IT business . the damage is already massive.also your other products stand on the line here of being distrusted and uninstalled . i have a suggestion :stop spying your users and stop patronize them.CCleaner users where moustly powerrusers ,so they aren't stupid. Make your product better. you don't need a forced "heartbeat blip" every 10 hours.
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