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  1. I even went so far as to remove CCleaner Basic from my computer and reinstalled, yet get the attached message when I try to install. Moreover, no matter how I try to update, the installation does not work and I am constantly notified I don't have the latest version. Attached is a screenshot of the warning I get when I install.
  2. Hazelnut, you had the answer!!!!! Thank you!
  3. AP Michael, Not the problem, edge is not my selected browser, and the edge was available to remove directly from the general apps page, and I removed it.
  4. When trying to run CCleaner on my laptop, CCleaner tells me MSFT edge is open and must be closed. After the hourglass for a bit, it tells me it must be forced closed. That would be fine, except I don't use MSFT edge. I checked what programs are running this last time, and no MSFT edge was in use on my computer, yet the warning came up that edge had to be closed. Just to make sure, I uninstalled edge, since I don't use it anyway, and sure enough, ccleaner told me edge was open, and had to be closed, even though it was removed from my computer.
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