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  1. I am using Ccleaner for Mac 10.15.5 Catalina. It takes a full minute to load programme from dock then 35 seconds before Analyse appears. This is often OK but the next stage is the real problem with constant crashing - last night it crashed 15 times before I could proceed. When it does crash it takes 30-45 seconds for reopen drop down to appear and about the same time to reopen and the whole ineffective process starts again. This has been going on ever since the last upgrade. I am considering another programme but will wait until I get responses in case I am doing something stupid. Than
  2. Hello hazelnut andthank you for responding I am using Mac 10.11.6 and Firefox and have just downloaded CCleaner having deleted my old version as I was having so much trouble. You are correct in that I don't know how many files will be deleted but at 96% completed there is not much left to delete - or am I assuming too much here? I am not using any additional security software. Kind regards, Ken
  3. CC gets to 96% complete and then stops. there is a big difference in the number of files to be deleted and the number actually deleted
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