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  1. The old versions of Ccleaner can also be downloaded from piriform. If you download from piriform Ccleaner you will get: https://download.ccleaner.com/ccsetup545.exe Just change the final number for example for previous version you put: https://download.ccleaner.com/ccsetup544.exe And you already download the previous version. You can download any version from the Ccleaner page just by changing the number and that's it. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history The numbers of the versions are here. (they are put without the point, for example 5.45 is 545 all together.) Would remain at the end: ccsetup + (number version) + .exe Examples: ccsetup545.exe / ccsetup544.exe, or older ones such as ccsetup530.exe or much older such as ccsetup500.exe, try several numbers and all are downloaded without problems.
  2. Neither is disabled in the free cleaner cleaner v5.45.6611 version, deactivated, and: First: it does not turn off as a task at the start of the system. Second: The task to close cleaner continues running in the background. Third: When the cleaner is checked again, the check box of the previously deactivated monitoring will be set again. Summing up that I return to the version Ccleaner Free v5.44.6575, which works as it should while they do not fix that problem that I run the cleaner alone even if I say no. Greetings and fix in error.
  3. Well, that in cleaner free v5.45.6611 can not turn off the monitoring of the system. I deactivate the monitoring but the process does not turn off, and in the log it is still on at the start as a ccleaner / monitoring or something like that. For now I go back to version v5.44.6575 that does not have that problem and deactivates the monitoring correctly. Fix that bug, it's the first time I have to go back to an old version, and I will not go back to the new one until it works as monitoring should and it really deactivates when you tell it to deactivate, (thing that now in v5.45.6611 not is happening, because it reactivates itself and does not even turn off as homework) Fix that fault please.
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