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  1. Hello! My apologies for reviving a three month old thread, but I wanted to report back for future readers and share that my hard drive did abruptly die this morning (three months after getting those initial warnings). I'm glad I made a backup image of the hard drive a month ago; it's important to pay attention to those readings, it seems.
  2. I just updated my post with a screenshot! Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Thanks so much for your thoughts and advice! Interestingly enough, I decided to run both the "scannow" and "chkdsk" processes, as was suggested by mta. Scannow successfully ran and uncovered zero issues. Chkdsk said it required a reboot before it could execute, so I allowed it to do so. Unfortunately, it got stuck at 10% for about four hours, so I did a hard reset. When my PC tried to restart, it gave me a BSOD. I let it restart on its own, and it gave another BSOD. I didn't want to let it crash a third time, so I did another hard reset in hopes of breaking the loop. This time when it booted back up, it gave me a message saying that there was an error, and that Windows 10 would need to repair something. I let it run its course, which took about 1 hour. It automatically restarted after this, and it booted successfully with no BSODs or issues. I immediately re-ran "chkdsk" via Command Prompt. It didn't give me the original message regarding it requiring a restart to execute, so it ran its course and did not uncover any problems. Following that, I updated Defraggler to the newest version. When I opened it up... the warning message was gone, and it now displays "Good" in green, as it had before. Isn't that strange? Anyhow, I share all of this for some closure for anyone who was curious what the outcome of this entire debacle was. Everything seems to now be fine, and even as of this morning Defraggler is still showing my HD health as being "Good" in green, so I don't know if the outdated version of Defraggler was the cause of concern or if there was something that genuinely needed to be repaired (or if the repair only came about because the chkdsk process had frozen and been cut off too early)... ahhhh, there's just no way to know. I will be mindful of not defragging my entire PC moving forward, just in case this habit was somehow tied into the whole situation. If anything, I'll analyze my disk and try to only defrag selected files that are excessively fragmented. Thanks for all of the advice, everyone! I'll be sure to keep this thread posted/updated if the "Warning" message returns.
  4. Hi, there! Thank you for such a prompt and useful response! I was sweating bullets a little bit when I saw the warning, thinking that my drive's demise was nigh. Maybe just a little dramatic of a response on my part, haha. Anyhow, I will certainly be mindful of backing up important files moving forward, and I'll be sure to run those two apps via command prompt as recommended. Thank you, again! I hope you're having a terrific day.
  5. Hello! My PC of roughly five years is suddenly displaying "Warning" in yellow beside the health status indicator in Defraggler. I'd say that I defrag my PC about two times a month, and when I last did this, it was green. I'm not sure what could have happened between now and two or so weeks ago that would have changed the status of my computer... but then again, I don't know too much about these things. I am attaching a screenshot of the Drive and Health tabs, respectively. Nothing is highlighted in red, so I'm not sure what could be triggering this. Also worthy of note, I ran the "Check Drive for Errors" option, and the results indicated that "no major problems were detected". Hmmm. Out of curiosity, am I defragging too much (and could this be affecting the health of the disk)? Should I not be defragging the full hard drive (and instead only be selecting the individual files in need of it)? Any and all insight/advice is appreciated. Thanks so much!
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