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  1. I have CC Cleaner version v5.45.6611 64bit on my computer. Every time I open Firefox it's open for a few minutes then down sizes to the tray. then when its reopened I get a message telling me cc cleaner is trying to change my browser settings. I looked at the settings in the program but can't find any thing tell me why it keeps trying to change the browser. Can any body help me with both of these problems please. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you lee
  2. I downloaded it from its own site using firefox to do it. Thank you lee how do I end this help I'm getting there is nothing to show I don;t need any more help
  3. I finally got the download using firefox to do it. I had tried earlier that day with out any luck. Thank you for your help. lee
  4. Hello I'm having problems downloading the new updates because of a problem with explorer. Because your download only comes through using explorer I can't download it. I open your site to do it but for some reason explorer goes out of wack. I've attached an attachment showing where I end up. I'm trying to contact microsoft about the problem but no luck so far. I'm hoping some one here might have a suggestion. Thanks for your time. lee
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