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  1. If you think I was being rude, you have no idea what I consider rude... I actually thought I was being rather nice to the insult that I was being given........
  2. Jamin4u - Thank You for your info - I appreciate it
  3. Anyone know if there are Command Line options for this program???? Would like to run a registry cleaning at every boot up in addition to the regular Cleaning startup. Anyone happen to know if ther is a command line option for that????? Thanks
  4. In order to use IE7 to log into sites I am registered on, I have to stop using CCleaner because it removes the data necessary to re-log into sites after a reboot with CCleaner set to clean up IE7. This was NOT a problem in IE6 - but something is different in IE7 that is causing this. So, whoever writes the updates for CCleaner needs to be aware of this and make the necesary changes to be compatible with IE7. Thank You
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