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  1. Thanks very much, Nukecad. I closed down Firefox then ran CCleaner and it has successfully cleared all the files in Firefox Internet Cache, History and Cookies. Interestingly no pop-up message was appearing before to warn me that Firefox was open and the Hide warning messages box was definitely unticked. However the problem appears to have been solved so I appreciate the help. Regards David
  2. Thank you for the guidance, Nukecad. So I looked at the Applications tab and, sure enough, I can see a section devoted to Firefox with five boxes, all ticked. However when I run CCleaner and then open the Advanced Report it still shows all five Firefox options as "skipped". I'm wondering whether there is some setting in Firefox itself which prevents CCleaner from taking control. Interestingly I also use Mozilla Thunderbird, which also appears as an Application in CCleaner, and that seems to have been cleaned without any issue.
  3. I use Firefox as my web browser and am running CCleaner Free. When I open up CCleaner and select the Cleaner option I don't see Firefox listed, only Internet Explorer. If I then click on Analyze I see that Firefox Internet Cache, Internet History and Cookies are all shown as skipped. I can clear these files directly from Firefox by using the History functions, but how do I enable CCleaner to do this for me? Any suggestions will be welcome. David J
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