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  1. I am really pi%&$ed off. Yesterday a complete automatic update (3 pc´s) from an old version of Ccleaner. A process totally behind my back. (Well done guys, for this sneeky method) I absolutely do NOT appreciate this! Now I have had it with Ccleaner. Does this company know about transparency and mentioning information on their site?? Goodbye forever!
  2. I installed version 5.41 ... no problems at all and niuce Chrome cleaning too
  3. The latest version of Ccleaner (5.42) is causing a crash (Profile) in Chrome 66.03359.117. This happened on my laptop and 2 PC´s. To reproduce the crash: 1.open chrome, do some surfing, close chrome. 2.open Ccleaner and do a cleaning, close Ccleaner. 3. open Chrome right away and now you get a Profile error and the question to report this error. After the crash many personal (Profile) Chrome settings are gone and now you have to check all (advanced) settings!! I reinstalled the previous version of Ccleaner 5.41 ..... no problems at all! I am using Windows 10,
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