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  1. Okay, I said this is my NORMAL procedure. When the scan returned errors and repaired them then I ran it one more time to confirm there were no errors. I then ran the cleaner portion of ccleaner ONLY. Then I ran sfo / scannow and errors were detected. It IS surprising that I started receiving errors since my cleaning routine which I have used for YEARS completely corrects anything and everything. I am not going to debate here...ccleaner is the cause of the errors. THREE other cleaners I tested with SFC /scannow both before and after and the ONLY time there are errors are with ccleaner. Th
  2. Hello, Thank you for your reply. Typically, when I clean up I 1. run ccleaner, both clean up and registry cleaner, 2. run Auslogics reg cleaner 3. run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth 4. run sfc /scannow 5. run chkdsk with options /f /r /x which as you know requires a reboot. This is how I discovered ccleaner was the culprit. It did not corrupt files before this incident. I ran sfc /scannow before and after running ccleaner exclusively and noted the corrupt files. I ran Wise Disk Cleaner in separate instance while running sfo /scannow before an
  3. Hello, sfc /scannow" outputs that it found errors and fixed them. Thank you
  4. Hello, Thank you both for your reply. I did not include "Custom Files and Folders" and this section is empty and unchecked. There are a lot more errors (5.6 MB of them) in the CBS.LOG text file. I only posted a sample. I do not understand using extensions like "winapp2.ini" and have not added anything similar. System Specs are below and I do not use the registry cleaner. Thank you. CCleaner Version 5.41.6446 (64-bit) being used. Computer Alienware 17 R4 Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.334) Processor Intel® Core
  5. sfc /scannow finds errors every time after cleaning with ccleaner. IErrors found in the cbs.log. What do i have to uncheck in ccleaner to avoid running sfc /scannow to repair after cleaning? Example errors are below. CBS>log is too big to upload but will send to you if you wish. This does not happen with any other disk cleaner (tested several others) only ccleaner. 2018-04-09 11:00:38, Info CSI 00003982 Error: Overlap: Duplicate ownership for directory \??\C:\windows\ELAMBKUP in component Windows-Defender-Drivers-Backup, version 10.0.16299.15, arch amd64, non
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