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  1. Hello ident and Andavari and sorry about the late reply but I was away. Yes ident, I know what you mean and thank you for the additional information. I thought from the start that the problem was caused by the registry and that something got corrupted. Obviously CCleaner can't write on the registry any more and the fact that the options do not stay checked clearly reflects it (they do not stay checked because the value cannot be written on the registry hive). Yes, XP is not supported any longer but CCleaner is still compatible with XP, as Andavari has pointed out, and in fact it works perfectly on my other Windows XP machine. Unfortunately we all know very well that no installation is identical to another, even if the configuration is exactly the same. I thought this could have been a generic problem that maybe had a working solution available but it is now clear that it is specific to my computer. I am convinced that something went wrong when I updated CCleaner. I tried the corrupt recycle bin fix that you suggested Andavari but it didn't work, thank you for suggesting it. This is not a major problem anyway, just a minor annoyance and also everything else works fine on that machine so I am not going to troubleshoot this any further. I added the AUTO instruction to the CCleaner icon (CCleaner.exe" /AUTO) and as a work around it is very effective, basically offering the same functionality of the Run CCleaner Recycle Bin option. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Hello Andavari and thank you for your advice. I tried both the solutions that you suggested but unfortunately none of them worked.
  3. Hi ident and thank you for your reply. I cannot really remember which one is the version that worked so I cannot roll back. I have admin privileges.
  4. Hello, The option to add the "Run CCleaner" option to Recycle Bin context menu doesn't work any more. When I check it in the Options menu it unchecks itself the moment I click on any another CCleaner menu item. In fact when I click back again on Settings the option is not checked any more. This also happens when I check the Add "Open CCleaner..." option to Recycle Bin context menu (this happens if I check both options at the same time or one at a time). If I set any other option on the Settings menu they are still checked once I exit the page and then click back on the Settings menu. It appears that for some reason CCleaner is not letting me set options linked to the context menu any more. This first happened after I updated to a newer version. The update was successful and CCleaner was working fine, except for this problem related to the context menu option. I updated to a new version 2 or 3 times since (I can't remember exactly how many times) hoping that installing a new version would fix the problem but it didn't. I also tried to set the context menu options both with the Save all settings to INI file option checked and unchecked but I didn't make any difference. I am using CCleaner Free 5.41.6466 on Windows XP Professional. PS I am running the same version of CCleaner on another Windows XP Professional computer and on two WIndows 7 computers and I don't have and never had the same problem on any of those machines. Any idea on how to solve this issue?
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