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  1. I indicated that it was available to use instantly and seemed to clean perfectly without the winapp2.ini file - I thought that maybe the file had been regenerated, not knowing what it did, but found that it had not. I then asked if it is OK to continue to run without the file or if I should use the trim.bat facility. I now see that without the file some facilities will be missing; currently I only use the clean facility so I will happily continue without the winapp file - problem solved.
  2. I moved the winapp2.ini file to the desktop, and launched the CCleaner program - the ability to run the cleaner was there instantly. I ran the program and it appeared to run successfully, just as normal. I checked to see if the ini file had been reformed but it had not. Is there any reason why I cannot continue to run the program without the winapp2.ini file or do I need to reinstate it and run the trim.bat file?
  3. I have uninstalled the existing program and then installed the latest update - rather than installing over an old version. This time it took 52 seconds before I could run the Clean function, but the ini file size was almost the same as previously. My C drive is only 82 GB out of 250 GB capacity, most files are on separate drives - what governs the size of the ini file ?
  4. Thanks. I waited and the grey turned blue after 59 seconds. There is a winapp2.ini file in the CCleaner folder but it is only 786 kb. My main drive is an SSD and I have a fairly fast processor. The scan itself was quite quick. I will wait next time.
  5. I got it from ccleaner.com. System is Wiindows 10 Home latest 1709 upgrade. When I load CCleaner "Cleaner" top left, is highlighted but Analyise and Run Cleaner are greyed out. If I then run the registry cleaner and subsequently select Cleaner, both Analyise and Run Cleaner are blue and I can run the cleaner. This would not matter if I wanted to run both, but I do not want to run the registry cleaner. I have attached a screenshot
  6. With every version update I have to run the registry cleaner before I can run the main cleaner. Is there a way to bypass the registry cleaner.
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