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  1. Hi, Thanks mta. Network Passwords - fixed the issue. But shouldn't it be under a different setting. Outlook is not a Network Setting, it's a Software Setting. It would be wise to have a tick box specifically for Outlook Password and separate the 2 entities.
  2. Hi all, Newbie here but I've been using CCleaner for years, and love it. I've found a bug in the last 2 versions which haven't been fixed in this latest version 6411. I like to keep my Outlook and OneDrive Login passwords stored so I don't have the headache of Microsoft Two Form Factor passwords everytime I open Outlook.. I've removed Tick from the Box for MS Office and MS OneDrive, but it always seems to delete the password and I have to enter it again each time. So everytime I run CCleaner and then open Outlook or restart OneDrive, it keeps asking me password. Please
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