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  1. Yeah, I used the cygwin utility 'iconv' to convert it. But it would be nice if I didn't have to do that. Who would I ask about why, if not here? File a support ticket? - Tim
  2. Hello all... I saved the "duplicate file" output to a file, and was trying to use Cygwin text-processing tools on it, but it wasn't working. Looking into it, it looks like CCleaner outputs "Little-endian UTF-16 Unicode text" format text, and not regular old ASCII or UTF-8, which is what most apps I know use, even in Windows environments. Can someone tell me why CCleaner uses this text flavor? And how to change it to use UTF-8 instead? - Tim
  3. CCleaner's duplicate file checker would be a lot more useful if you could select one or more dup files and "open" with Windows' default opener for that program (even better, add all the possibilities provided by Windows Explorer to do so). This is helpful, for example, when comparing supposed dups, especially if they're images or sound files. I know that CCleaner supposedly knows they are dups, but being able to examine them manually from within the dup-checking screen would be very helpful. Take a look at the output, for example, of the app "FileLocator Pro", which I own. In the list
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