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  1. Thanks. I hope some software can be found that can allow me to get MY intellectual property off of my phone.
  2. It's been over a year since I came looking for help. Yesterday I received an email that said I have a new post to my question. I clicked on the Go to post button and was told that the topic was not found. I researched dada123 and it said he joined 12 hours ago and his last visit was 12 hours ago as well. I found my thread and there was no new post. So have I fallen victim to a fishing email using your good name or is something else afoot. My email provider uses MailScanner if that means anything.
  3. Sorry for the delay I had to go in for a medical procedure that threw me off my game. Thanks for all the help. I'll do a deeper dive and see what I can find out. We've gotten off the primary purpose of this form, I think, but I appreciate that you went down this road with me. It's been very helpful. I don't want to take up any more of your time. Once again Thanks, David
  4. I'll follow your advise on the photos and see if it works for me. Nothing is ever that simple for me. When I said "bricked" I guess that what they were telling me is that the phone would no longer work with my phone number. I'm going to continue with trying to repair the phone. Do you know why contacts are not available?
  5. Sadly I'm beginning to think that I have them on the phone memory only. The fact is that I am using the old SIM in the new phone. It took me a while to remember what happened. The store clerk said that if I "set up" the new phone then I would have no access to the old one, as it would be "bricked". So I wondered if the SIM chip would work in the new phone and it did. Over the months though, I forgot what we did and thus the confusion. I'm slowly beginning to get up to speed. I think that I didn't change the setting for where to store my data or didn't have the option. I have a used phone
  6. On the internal memory. I though that I had saved them on both. It seems that there is no way to auto transfer them to new phone or computer. Not quite sure. I'll try to follow up later with more info. Thanks
  7. Sorry I didn't get back sooner. The first answer said things were hopeless. It's a coolpad rogue 3320A. I'm using a ZTE phone right now. I tried to copy the numbers from the Coolpad Rogue sim card in the ZTE. The option are; import from storage, export to storage, share visible contacts. What an I doing wrong? When I select import it says 00001.vcf card will import shortly ( or something like that ), then nothing happens. How do I tell it to save to sims card. Instructions on the internet do not correspond to what's on the phone. I will keep an eye out for any responses. I though the thread wa
  8. I'm trying to get my phone numbers off of an android coolpad phone that the screen has gone black on. I have looked all over the web site to find out if Recuva can do this, but I can't find anything. If anyone knows the answer can you please post. Thanks
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