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  1. Hello Augeas, Thanx for responding, Yes I had created the folder in Downloads which in C drive. If i go through the software i can see the existence of the folder in Downloads but when i go to Downloads normally then its not displaying.
  2. Hello Dennis, Thanks for taking time and replying to my question. Yes, i am using Win 10 and i did not get any error message while recovering the files. Yesterday again when i user Recuva to try to recover my files again i could see the folder i had created bu the name "Recoverrr" in Downloads folder which was in C drive, but when i went o the location there were now such folders Under Downloads. Also i did not find any people complaining about the same in forum. Whats confusing me is that if the files were not recovered then who is taking the same amount of space in C drive. I tried
  3. Hi, I had deleted some video files within different folder by mistake. So i installed Recuva software to recover the files, i created a new folder in C drive to recover the files as the deleted files were in D drive. It took around 25 min to restore the files. After the recover process was done, when i went to the location where i had created the folder(C:/Downloads) for the recovered files, i could not find it. Though C drives displays me the space occupied by the recovered files but under downloads folder i cannot the see the folder i created to restore the files. Now i cant see the rec
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