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  1. I appreciate your taking the time to reply, but, that logic doesn't follow. I only upgraded CCleaner a couple of weeks ago. I immediately noticed it's no longer detecting Windows Log Files after the upgrade. If what you are saying is true, then 1) Microsoft is somehow remotely controlling the ability of my local Windows installation to create log files, and 2) They have decided to make it stop creating log files on the exact same day that I upgraded CCleaner. When some aspect or behavior of a system changes, and you want to know why, the first thing to ask is "what is different on the sys
  2. Since updating to CCleaner 5.72.7994, CCleaner never finds any Windows Log Files, despite having the option checked. It will rarely sometimes find Windows Log Files less than 200K. Before I upgraded (I forgot what version I updated from, but it was several releases behind), CCleaner would always find at least several megabytes of Windows Log Files at least once or twice a week. It would sometimes even find several hundred megabytes of Windows Log Files. Did something change with Windows Log File handling? I don't see anything in the changelogs. I am on Windows 7 x64.
  3. OK, thanks, I must have missed the check box. I swear I don't remember seeing it (which of course doesn't mean it wasn't there). I was able to uninstall Chrome and Google Toolbar. I tend to freak out when I install something and then see a unexpected programs on my system.
  4. Just went to set up the latest CCleaner today, and had this happen during the installation: Never had this happen before. I was under the impression that the CCleaner installer was a self contained offline installer, which it always was in the past. I opened my user temp folder and was alarmed to see "GoogleToolbar" among other things. This are not "installation files," these are completely different programs that I didn't ask for, and do not want. When the installer was finished I was shocked to find all kinds of programs I didn't ask for, such as Google Chrom
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