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  1. Window 10 pro 64bit. I don't need to Defrag C drive anymore?
  2. I did as you said to disk c and than it fast and stop around 67%and said this file can't move defragment abort. When I analyze again it's around 23% fragments only 2%fragments reduced. Yesterday I Defrag my drive d and restart my computer my c drive space become low from 12gb to 6 gb I deleted some files and it low again from 6gb to 4gb.today I opened pc drive c become 4gb to 11gb. I thought my drive is something worg after defragment. Before defragment my drive don't have like this. Aftert Defrag my drive d benchmark said 1.5mbs.i tried to copying something to drive d and the write speed is a
  3. Hi all I am first time using defraggler. My laptop is only used 3 months it . I recently decided to Defrag with defraggler software for the first time defrag and it's took too long. My Hardrive is partition to c and d. My c drive is only 99gb and d is 360gb.yesterday I Defrag c it took long and I have work to do with pc so I cancle it. Today I have free time and Defrag d drive it say 6%fragments and It took over 8 hours to finish it. Is this normal. I am afraid of of Defrag of disk c. C have 25%fragments. How long can total take to Defrag c25%fragments. My laptop spec are i76700hq, ram 12gb
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