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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to post these, a laptop system. I guess these numbers are fine, I think so. Thanks
  2. Hi, The optiplex 780, the drive from the other 780 is dated from April 2007, I imagine it was never used when Windows 7 was installed on it back in November 2015. As for the other systems, I'd need to view them again. But the GX270 drive which is over fifteen years, has a low usage. I don't know if the drive was the original or not, the system has two bad capacitors could be a third soon, but other than a temporary Linux system, it is pretty useless to use. I was editing a map level on it, for an old game, but the person helping me didn't want to assist me anything with it.
  3. Hello, I would like some information, on hard drive numbers, and what they mean. I have a preowned drive in a preowned system, was actually a replacement computer, since the other small form factor had a problem with the power supply. So I changed the drives around. I doubt there is any problem displayed. The drive is over ten years old. I have Dimension 4600 which has a drive going back fourteen years or so. I haven't actually viewed the date. But the system is that old. I also have an older computer with a drive dating over fifteen years, very low usage that one. Thank you.
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