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  1. I'm running Android Marshmallow on my phone, and I have been for a very long time - probably around 2 years. For the vast majority of this time, CCleaner for Android hasn't had any issue cleaning my cache completely. Now all of a sudden when I select my cache for cleaning it'll say something like - "Cache - 1.3GB to clean" - then I'll click 'clean' and I'll get 'cleaning completed' and it still just says "Cache - 1.3GB to clean" and I just get this error in response: "Only parts of the Cache were cleaned due to system restrictions on this version of Android. Tap here to view and clean items manually." If I do 'tap here' I get a list of apps that I still can't click on or do anything from. So I'm not sure what the issue is, because I'm sure that CCleaner has had this functionality in the past (on Android M) and it's a new issue that it won't clear the cache. Is this a root issue? I remember my CCleaner app used to ask for/have root, but it's no longer listed in my SuperSU app list and I can't figure out how to force CCleaner to ask for root permissions. So - what's the deal? How do I get this functionality back? Android 6.0 Marshmallow CCleaner version - v1.20.82
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