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  1. @mta I could only find the Stop VSS option in the options menu and can tell you it was not ticked. As for the others, there was an exclusion tab in the options menu, but nothing was in there if that is what you were talking about. Hopefully that answers your question.
  2. Hi all, My C: Drive (2TB) was at 17% defragmentation and my D: drive (1 TB) was at 36%, both went down to 0% and barely any space was freed up. Is this normal? Should there not have been a pretty significant change? I thought it'd be cool to take a screenshot beforehand to see the difference before and after so I'll link those here: http://imgur.com/hlsJ5ri I also just realized the before picture isn't on the Drive tab but instead on the drive map tab, but to give you an idea it listed over 200GB as fragmented on at least one of them, maybe both, I'm not quite sure anymore. However it was definitely a pretty large number on both, an amount that if really freed would be quite amazing frankly. I'm working with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and of course Defraggler. I have looked into this and the usual suspects for windows 7 being Shadow copies and system restore points should definitely not be at fault here. I tried to delete both of them and for both it kept telling me that it didn't exist. They are taking up no space whatsoever as far as I can tell. Here is what I'm getting when I try to list the shadows: http://imgur.com/a/pvDpo Trying to delete them gives me the same message. Any thoughts? If you need any more information.. ask away. Thanks in advance, Rolein.
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