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  1. any reason not to update to the latest version of CC and see if it still happens?

    Thanks. Ok it gets even more confusing:


    - Installed latest version: Didn't work

    - Unchecked "Windows > Windows Explorer > Thumbnail Cache": Worked

    - Rechecked "Windows > Windows Explorer > Thumbnail Cache": Still worked

    - Waited 10 minutes and opened Firefox: Didn't work again.


    I could screen capture it with a video showing what steps I take and post it as a link if that would help. Please let me know if you need any more info about my computer or what I am doing. Thanks.

  2. can i make a comment?


    -> ms photo viewer isnt in the cleaning-list...


    perhaps only important in this case

    -> thumbnail-cache


    -> recent documents


    = ccleaner doesnt close ms photo viewer while cleaning


    or im going wrong?

    "Recent documents" was a good idea but it didn't work either. I unchecked it and ran CCleaner with a few TIFFs open and they didn't close, but then I opened one that was about 100 MB 10 times (so it was a GB of data ) and it closed them all. I put more info in my other comment.

  3. OK lets have some more info here.


    What operating system are you using?


    What build of CCleaner?


    Do you have monitoring turned on?


    Are you cleaning the registry?


    Can you give a sort of timeline of what you do so we can get a better idea, for example.... ''I open a TIFF I have on my machine and run CCleaner while I have the photo open (I hope not :))''

    OS: Windows 7 64

    Build: 5.27.5976

    Active Monitoring is on (system monitoring is off)


    I clean the registry periodically but that doesn't cause the Windows Photo Viewer to close. It's actually under the process dllhost.exe (COM Surragate). Could it maybe be closing it [in order to] clean the thumbnail cache? I tried unchecking everything under "System" on the Cleaner > Windows tab and also in "Multimedia" in the Applications tab.


    It seems to me more likely to do it if there are more files / applications open but sometimes it's random.


    PS: I'm a Photoshop user that has images that are up to 1 GB :)

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