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  1. Thanks. Ok it gets even more confusing: - Installed latest version: Didn't work - Unchecked "Windows > Windows Explorer > Thumbnail Cache": Worked - Rechecked "Windows > Windows Explorer > Thumbnail Cache": Still worked - Waited 10 minutes and opened Firefox: Didn't work again. I could screen capture it with a video showing what steps I take and post it as a link if that would help. Please let me know if you need any more info about my computer or what I am doing. Thanks.
  2. "Recent documents" was a good idea but it didn't work either. I unchecked it and ran CCleaner with a few TIFFs open and they didn't close, but then I opened one that was about 100 MB 10 times (so it was a GB of data ) and it closed them all. I put more info in my other comment.
  3. OS: Windows 7 64 Build: 5.27.5976 Active Monitoring is on (system monitoring is off) I clean the registry periodically but that doesn't cause the Windows Photo Viewer to close. It's actually under the process dllhost.exe (COM Surragate). Could it maybe be closing it [in order to] clean the thumbnail cache? I tried unchecking everything under "System" on the Cleaner > Windows tab and also in "Multimedia" in the Applications tab. It seems to me more likely to do it if there are more files / applications open but sometimes it's random. PS: I'm a Photoshop user that has images that are up to 1 GB
  4. This doesn't have anything to do with the question - it's just flat out closes any photo that's open every time I run ccleaner. even if it's just 1 jpeg.
  5. How do I stop CCleaner from closing Windows Photo Viewer when I run it? Note: I open large TIFF images in Windows Photo Viewer and I think it's trying to clean out the ram, but it doesn't realize I have 12gb of ram and the images maybe only take up a few hundred mb.
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