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  1. Ok, well I guess I will carry on defragging then. Thanks for the help
  2. hmm well are you saying that when my PC 'shut down', after I had waited 10 seconds, it would have turned back on? (instead I presumed it had fully shut down so I powered it back on) Even though, last time I saw the update %, it was at 20% but could have quickly gone to 100% when I went away..? What would I do then? Just defrag (not on tuesday/wednesday) as normal but next time it asks for this 'update' (again), click 'update and restart'? I hope I dont get a black screen of death again
  3. Yes my PC is running completely fine now. Twice when it happened I spoke to Microsoft support. They used the remote control feature..and then not sure what happened but I logged back into the 'black screen of death account' (as I was talking to them on another somehow working account). And then it went back to normal...issue fixed. Its just odd that coincidentally this happened twice when defragging. And as I clicked 'update and shut-down', I presumed when I thought it had 'shut down', the update was complete. After 10 seconds it didnt turn back on..so not sure what to make when you
  4. Hey, not sure how to quote your sentences so I will just write a reply. -Well this exact same scenario (defrag and then asking for update) happened last time I defragged my PC. I did not recieve any windows/pc updates apart from after defragging and stopping it -Also, I didnt mention that I powered off my PC when it was doing the update. I clicked 'update and shutdown'. So thats why I said, I saw it on 20% and then it just quickly shut off (maybe it was a quick update?) It wouldnt have powered back on unless I clicked 'update and restart'. -I also checked my updates and its all 'up
  5. So this is this 2nd time this has happened after using defraggler (and PC asking for random windows update)! -I defragged my PC during the day for about 5 hours. -I got home, paused and stopped the defragging. -I go to shut-down my PC and get 2 options: 'update and restart' and 'update and shut-down'. I choose the latter option. -PC updates for a bit before shutting down. I wasnt directly at my PC when it 'updated', but I think it was on about 20% update, then I heard it shut off. I presumed it was a really quick update -So..PC shuts down, I wait 10 seconds then power PC back on. Windo
  6. Ok thanks for explaining it, appreciate it! Once I backup and perform chkdsk/r I will let you know results. I wish it would tell me what the file/data loss is is. Like I mentioned, my PC/HD has been working fine since the Reboot and Interface CRC messages. So I doubt if you would know if this 'data loss' is an important file or not?
  7. I am sure I ran a chkdsk just to check my HD. And then some things happend like: 'Chkdsk cannot continue in read only mode'' and 'f parameter not selected' and also 'cannnot run because volume not in use'. I also searched my chrome history about this and found out I tried to look up 'Chkdsk found folder missing’ and also ‘where chkdsk moves files’ or something like this. I didnt want to click repair or anything due to data loss maybe. When I perform the chkdsk/r, will this try and repair the bad sector? Will it fix everything or?
  8. Lead up to my internal HD issue. (Btw I have a Seagate 2TB Barracuda) -My harddrive was like 20% fragmented.So over like 2 weeks I have been defragging on and off. At first I defragged the whole drive in one go at over a few nights. It was taking foreveerrrr. So someone suggested I can do a section of files bit by bit. I selected 1 group, it went down to 17%, then another group down to 15% etc. Until it got down to round 12% so I decided to defrag in one whole go again, it was making slow but better(ish) progress. The issue/s -I woke up Saturday to see my PC screen had frozen. I
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