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  1. This is an upgrade to my post of April 09, 2017, by Earlyboomer. I had checked my document folder and download folder and they were both "this folder is empty". I went through my PC looking everywhere I could and no files. Then about 4 days later I booted up my PC in the morning and my Icons were back, I quickly checked my document and download folders and everything was back in them also. I don't know what to make of this except it was like winning a minor lottery. I got a second chance to do some backing up now. I can't explain what happed but I'll take it. I do check for Malware,
  2. From a morning reboot I found half of my Icons and half of the Start menu was gone, and that is not the worst part. Later I found that all of the files in my Download folder and my Documents folder were gone. The document folder had a lot of files. All my pictures disappeared too, but I have them backed up. I have been intending to use another hard drive for document storage, pictures etc., but didn't get to it. (I will from now on!) I use Cc Cleaner so I upgraded to CC Cleaner professional. Now I see that there is another upgrade to another CC Cleaner version and I see that it has
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