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  1. What does this option do? What does “VSS” mean? If that’s the case, that explains why Defraggler takes a much longer time to defragment the files than Window’s drive optimization tool does. I have a lot of files over 64 MB.
  2. I am using Windows 10. No matter which drive I defragment, it is significantly slower than if I defragment it with Window’s defragment tool. Does Defraggler do a more in-depth fragment than Window’s built-in tool?
  3. When I defragment using the program included with Windows (“Defragment and Optimize Drives”), it takes 1–5 minutes to defragment, but when I use Piriform’s Defraggler, which I downloaded yesterday, it takes many hours to defragment. Why is this? Also, I haven’t tried the “quick defragment” option yet. What is the difference between defragment and quick defragment?
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