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  1. Hey @Kamrul Hassan let me give you some information on your question. I can only go by what exactly I know and I've been using the free version for a very long time and I just (this week) decided to buy the Pro Version. Now back when I had been using the free version though I realized that I couldn't set up any of the scheduled scans and go into and edit any of the advanced features that the program offered. So in this way you do end up benefiting and with that said the pro version is much more beneficial than that of the free version. Here is a link to the differences. That's my two cents
  2. Thank you so much for your feedback. I don't know if you checked out the Speccy file that I attached to the original post. But just for future reference, I'm currently running what most people would consider and outdated version of Windows. "Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2." So I took all of your advice but looked up the stuff for my operating system instead of the Windows 10 stuff that you provided just in case, not doing so would cause me to run into roadblocks. But turns out it works all the same I'm currently running the sfc /scannow on my elevated command prompt and will let you kno
  3. Okay. Here goes my first Piriform forum post (Hope this goes as well as I imagine) **I have attached a zipped folder (Due to file size restrictions) with: - My computer's specifications using "Speccy" (To give everyone a little info about my setup) AND - A text file containing the duplicate list results using the "Tools" function in "CCleaner" (Thinking "this HAS to be part of my problem" You'll see....) Speccy+txtfile.zip --------------- Back Story --------------- I have a Dell desktop that's about 10 or more years old. I have put it through a bunch of reinstalls that caused
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