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    New SSD's

    Yes Widows 10 recognise it as SSD and optimize took couple of seconds. Below info from HWinfo: Drive Model: SAMSUNG MZVLW256HEHP-000L2 Drive Firmware Revision: 1L1QCXB7 NVMe Version Supported: v1.2 Drive Capacity: 244,198 MBytes (256 GB) And I have a laptop LENOVO ideapad 700-15ISK, with Intel Core i5-6300HQ
  2. mikkoh

    New SSD's

    So Defraggler will recognise my new laptop's M.2 SSD (SAMSUNG MZVLW256HEHP-000L2) as a ordinary HDD and this is long time known issue? And where do you need Defraggler if it wont recognise any new SSD's, surely wont pay for this if development is lagging. It did make it to do the defragmentation on my SSD before I uninstalled it.
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