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  1. Hello again, There seems to be new updates to CCleaner as often as for Google Chrome. Is it necessary to uninstall CCleaner and download the new version to install each time there is an update? Thanks, DaketheSnake1
  2. Thanks Nergal and Andavari both of your replies were helpful, however when I close my browser, then go to Internet Options> Settings> View Files, there are several cookies listed there and I cannot tell one from another. I like to use the website: "Network Advertising Initiative" in order to use opt-out of advertising cookies from participating internet advertisers. These are the only cookies I am interested in keeping. Is there a way to actually distinguish these opt-out cookies from other cookies? Thanks
  3. The free version of CCleaner contains an option for smart cookie handling. Can you tell me more about this option and how it works? Does it delete tracking cookies and save other cookies? Thanks
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