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  1. This is the only program I have ever owned that wants me to update it almost every two weeks. I am used to security programs updating their definitions all the time, but updating the program itself, so often, seems either over-professional or non-professional. It is almost as though the engineers are never satisfied with their code. Does anyone know why this is the only program I have that wants to update itself constantly? Or more direct; Why is Piriform updating the "program" so often?
  2. I wiped out all my important Logons for Banking and Crerdit Card accounts with a cleaning using CCleaner. After using CCleaner for the last 10 years, this has never happened before to me. It is terrible because there are no instructions on CCleaners webpage to deal with this. They mention going into :\"Cookies and dragging them somewhere. There is no "Tab" in Firefox that has "COOKIES". Only a place to delete individual Cookies. I am about to remove CCleaner for good and never use it again! Why did this happen now. I have been faithfully using CCleaner for years and this has never happened.
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