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  1. Well, my original post was sent in November of 2016, it is now February of 2017 and this application continues to select many files to be deleted but only removes a few. The moderator earlier indicated that this post is reviewed by CCleaner staff and they are replicating our results. When will they be fixing the problem - it has now been over 4 months. I use this program and my Windows computers and it works great. Please update this program for all MAC users.
  2. I posted this topic back in November and still have not received a reply from anyone. Why do they sell this product for a Mac when it does not work? Where is the support???????
  3. CC version is 1.14.451 OC verision is 12.12.1 and no. browsers were not running....
  4. CCleaner is not cleaning all of my Safari internet cashe files or my Google Chrome files. Any suggestions? I have tried to clean my computer three times, it selects many files to be removed, but only removes a fraction of them.
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