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  1. No need to because Windows does not fragment files on an SSD.
  2. I have an SSD installed partitioned into C & D......My PC tells me that there are about 250 MB of files that somehow have migrated to D but nothing I do will reveal what they are....Recuva tells that there are 10,000 files there, which it chooses to "ignore"....Having decided to wipe partition D, Ccleaner won't allow SSD's to be wiped.....(Yes, I know why).... but there should be an override function which allows a "once only" clean to be employed.
  3. Ok, Here is the link............http://imgur.com/PlHSnmg
  4. Err, sorry....The first reference to "files" was incorrect. It should read:- Users/Name/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/UserData/Default/Files/Log However, if you are using the Windows folder & file search, it won't reveal these files......I have "Treesize" software installed and it reveals all sorts of unknowns. The number "files" in the "default" folder seems to vary and, once I delete the "log" file, it takes a couple of days to re-appear. I've tried to paste a screenshot here but it won't allow it.
  5. The cleaner, set as a default when the Chrome browser is closed does not clear all traces. Users/Name/Files/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/UserData/Default/Files/Log This file contains all details (most not encrypted) of sites visited and if desired has to be cleared manually. Rather inconvenient.
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