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  1. I have held off on the W10 anniversary update. There are numerous reviews out there citing problems with that update.
  2. I see the same issue with skipped Edge files. I think that the there is a W10 prompt that appears before deleting these files that stops Ccleaner. Here is what I see: Run Ccleaner analyze. You will see the paths for Edge cache, cookies, history. Find the listed files using Windows Explorer and do a manual delete. You will then see a Windows prompt that warns that these are system files, and asks you to confirm delete. I have found that it is OK to delete these in spite of the so called "system" warning, but I wonder if that prompt stops Ccleaner.
  3. One follow up point. The free malware product Superantispyware, does pick up the "packages" cookies and caches, and allows cleaning of same. The drawback is that Superantispyware scans all files and takes time to run. But it seems that the ability to locate these files could be handled by CCleaner.
  4. In the sub directory Users > Name > App Data> Local > Packages, one finds further sub directories for all the Microsoft installed apps. Each of these apps records its own listing of cached internet data and cookies (look under the AC sub directory in each app). Can CCleaner be configured to delete these caches / cookies?
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