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  1. lol wtf now say good https://gyazo.com/bcb4f9769ec07c97a926de240d7d573c
  2. so u recoomend to be llok by a prof ? my hdd
  3. so u think that is my power supply ?
  4. there http://speccy.piriform.com/results/KDcpzui41AAOMwcMfkb2qTa
  5. windows 10 pro 64 bits v 2.21.993 64 bits and the error i dont know where i can see it but i leave u the link of a pict https://gyazo.com/0cc0d2a4cd32d70083452b53a31dce84
  6. i have that error and i dont know how to solve it
  7. Pachi

    simple questions

    beacause in the description for buy it in no where say that is for limited time
  8. Pachi

    simple questions

    o is for 1 year, is not forever the cleanner pro plus ? that inclued all aplications ? and if i wawnt to install in 2 pc i have to buy the backup cd or what ? thx for repply
  9. Pachi

    simple questions

    ( srry for my english i speak spanish AND I AM FROM ARGENTINA ) i want to know what is backup cd, beacause say free shipping, its like external solid drive? how i can buy rretail version for 2 pc ? srry for that ask i dont find a answer
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