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  1. Hi Tom I actually contact the support team via email using the link hazelnut provided. I received a similar reply from anders via email. In case you want it anyway my device is a Honor 7 (PLK-L01) (European version). I am currently running Android 5.0.2.
  2. I updated my CCleaner app through Google play the other day and noticed that there was now a pro upgrade available. Upon purchasing pro you are supposed to get access to a automated scheduler function, priority support from piriform & access to more new pro only features as they become available. I decided to buy the pro upgrade so I could set the scheduler to run daily. After purchase I completed a little survey about what pro features I would like to see added most, I then set up the scheduler to clean my phone on a daily basis at 8.45am. The next morning when I looked at my phone at 9am I saw a little notification informing me that CCleaner had performed it's scheduled clean. This morning I looked at my phone at 9am again but there was no notification and I found when I went into the application that the scheduled clean hadn't run. I tried changing the time to one minute later than the time that it was right then to see if it cleaned it then. Again the cleaner didn't automatically run. At a bit of a loss as to why it isn't working. I also could not find any way from within the app or on the piriform website that would enable me to contact them directly to receive the "priority support" I am supposed to be able to get. Can anyone help with how to fix the problem with the scheduler and how I can contact perform directly to receive the "priority support"?
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