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  1. Well done Piriform! After one simple use of CCleaner, my Google Chrome browser keeps asking me for login every time when i close browser window at every page and even the browser it self !!! I tryed everything, unpaired with google, removed data, removed chrome, removed ccleaner, applied backup of registers that ccleaner made, everything is set, like remember passwords, dont logoff, everything ... but still after everything this problem keeps going and going on and on, its pissing me off like hell !!!!! I wont be reinstalling my whole desktop harddrive just because you done some "nice" update! You should fix this ASAP !!!! I PROMISE, THAT I WILL NEVER USE CCLEANER AGAIN, I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE !!! APP THAT PROMISES YOU FIXING YOUR PC, CLEANING AND BETTER RUNNING ... AND IT JUST RUINS EVERYTHING !!!!! I really want to say some really spicy words but i will not, because i want you to solve this problem you made me, before i will get banned !
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