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  1. MTA - I did uninstall CCleaner which got rid of the folder and contents (see original post) I did download the latest, tried hippo and piriform. I tried the free premium trial and it wont install. I loaded a previous version and will wait for ccleaner to be fixed (see post from hazelnut)
  2. I download the update file and execute. It counts up the 100% unloading and does nothign else. I uninstalled ccleaner and tried again, still wont install. I went to eh premium free trial and it wouldn't install. Using Windows 10 home latest version and running kaspersky as virus software. Any ideas?
  3. I use Kaspersky anti virus. I have lodged a support ticket with them to see if they have blocked Ccleaner to try and push people towards their cleaner.
  4. I dont have malwarebytes. I have changed nothing on my system, I dont think there has been an auto update of Windows this week. 24 hours ago it worked fine.
  5. I have windows 10, latest version available form microsoft Home user, version 1803, 17134.12 using reinstalled latest version of CCleaner. 544.162.6575 I re-installed because when I click to start Ccleaner and press "run ccleaner" it stops. It disappears from the task manager. I have scanned for viruses, restarted the PC and can't get Ccleaner to work. Problem began 12 hours ago, I have slept since then.
  6. Ive never used edge I cant find the dllhost.exe on task manager Im pretty sure edge was cleaning normally up until the latest version 5.14.5493 64 bit any ideas?
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