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  1. Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM kit (CMD128GX4M8B2800C14) reported as unknown manufacturer. MSI GTX 1080 Seahawk X 8Gb GDDR5x (x2) reported as 4Gb of video RAM. Samsung 950 Pro reported as SCSI device instead of M.2 SSD.
  2. To give credit where credit is due: thank you, hazelnut! Qsnake, I see you have Z97-chipset motherboard: is your system all air-cooled? I only ask because I noticed the high overall temperatures being reported by Speccy. If this is the case, I would highly recommend going to an all-in-one (at the very least) cooling solution. I am using three manufactured by Corsair: notice the difference in our overall temperatures. CPU: H110i GTX; both video cards are the new collaboration between MSI and Corsair: the GTX 980Ti Sea Hawk, which has its own radiator and fan.
  3. Thanks for the assistance: like I said, I was pretty sleepy. All I had to do was scroll down a bit … Now that I'm more awake, I was noticing the other crazy things in other people's screenshots, Russian text, goofy numbers, etc. What is going on at piriform? I know second graders who can write code better than that… Maybe that's the problem: perhaps piriform is hiring first-graders to do their coding for them… Silly newbies! :-)
  4. I'm having some of the same issues with v1.29.714: 1) Corsair Dominator Platinum 128GB kit being reported as Unknown (albeit with correct speed and timings). 2) MSI X99A XPOWER AC (Socket R) being reported as (Socket 0). 3) Two MSI GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawks in SLI mode reporting only 2GB of RAM each (each has 6GB RAM). 4) Two 4TB Seagate SATA 3 storage drives being reported simply as (SATA). 5) Samsung NVMe 950 Pro SSD 512GB being reported as SCSI Disk Device (Unknown). I have been using Speccy almost since its inception (I currently own a professional license for it), and this is the firs
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