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  1. Hello. I noticed there's an option in Defraggler's settings to only start scheduled scan if idle (& to stop it when not idle). The idea i have is to continuously start/stop defraggling based on the idle state (ie no mouse/keyboard activity). But i want that to happen all throughout the day (not just once & then not defraggling again till next day at set time, if schedule for daily). A further possibility is to only defraggle if the current disk load is below a certain amount. Also maybe cpu usage. Ie YOU might be idle, but what if PC is not idle?! I know it's not an option in the settings, so i'm trying to do a workaround. My technical questions are: - I can start defraggling via running df.exe (commandline), but how to (gracefully) stop it (ie without killing the df.exe process & potentially corrupting some files/sectors?). Or could i un/pause it (using standard windows pause via API)? - Or another possibility is to reset the schedule time after each time defraggling stops (to non-idle). It doesn't seem commandline can do this, so what about continually altering the Windows task scheduler entry that defraggler creates? (that way the defraggling stops "correctly" rather than killing or suspending the df.exe process)
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