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  1. Yeah, I figure since they aren't showing up on my dad's computer either then it can't be CCleaner. Must have been a coincidence. I'll figure it out eventually... I have the subscriptions on my phone still so not too bothered at the moment. Thanks anyway
  2. Just tried from my dad's PC. Still nothing on there... how bizarre (just noticed that there is one thing left on my account... my 'History' of previously watched videos. That's all up to date and accurate)
  3. Hi, I do have 3 accounts with Youtube/google... I've checked them all and they are all now completely blank, all info wiped off. I don't understand how this is possible either. I should probably try logging in from a different computer and see what happens
  4. Hi there, Just wondered if anyone here could help me or shed some light on my problem I just ran CCleaner. Usually I untick firefox but this time I let it clean my browser. So I'm signing back into all my accounts after the passwords have been cleared, and realise my Youtube account has been completely wiped. There's no subscriptions, liked/favourited videos, nothing - it's like a brand new account. I've tried signing in on firefox, IE, chrome... nothing The weird thing is, when I sign into the same YT account on my phone, all of the info is still there. Which I'm really grateful for (youtube addict here), but would be very inconvenient if I can't access from the PC. Any help much appreciated, thanks for reading
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