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  1. The problem has not improved at all from the last version of CCleaner. It still randomly skips some, or completely skips all Edge files. I've tried turning Edge on and off in the background, and restarting to make sure it's set that way as well, but it makes no difference afterwards using CCleaner, it sometimes works upon a restart. I also ran into a new issue, after using CCleaner a few times and testing to see if anything actually worked, and not just temporarily. I noticed upon opening Edge again, it would not display its normal page with news and such, nor would it display frequented s
  2. I can recreate the same thing, by restarting and still having Edge running the background. It only temporarily works after a restart, but CCleaner still has the same problem and will continue to skip Edge directories afterwards, the problem is CCleaner will sometimes delete these directories and for some random reason, other times it will not. The problem still persists, and most of the time CCleaner still skips Edge even with the latest update, it seems to have made no real difference. I was experiencing the same problems with the last version.
  3. Seems to be a weird bug in general. I can also clean them sometimes, if I just choose the directories individually by right clicking after I've analyzed, but like your solution, mine does not work all the time. Sometimes it will skip it, sometimes it will clean it by doing this.​ I figured it was maybe because Edge runs in the background along with other apps, but I've turned off all apps from running in the background and the problem still persists. I've also noticed that disk cleanup in 10 will not clean temporary internet files on my end, or has similar problems to CCleaner. The only re
  4. Monroe

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    Do you mean the internet cache, just wondering cause CCleaner does not list temporary files specifically for Edge on my end. Although I think it's the same thing just worded differently. It isn't normal that's for sure. I do a lot of browsing in Edge as well, but my internet cache rarely ever goes over a few megabytes, or at least that's what CCleaner says. I think there is a bug in Windows 10 in general related to this, as even disk cleanup will not clean temporary internet files or is not reading them properly. I have noticed in disk cleanup my temporary internet files there have been gr
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