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  1. OK, I tried to download latest version and it keeps installing 6575 version not sure whats going on ?
  2. Hi , I am on build 6575 from file hippo and the active monitoring is fixed .
  3. problem seems to be fixed with 6575 build , thanks.
  4. rolled back to previous version , now active monitoring can be disabled and stays disabled
  5. so I guess they are monitoring our computers and sending reports every 12 hours if we use this version of C Cleaner, I think there is way to many programs tracking our computers now , we don't need this one plus it is using resources on startup because it can't be disabled, I am rolling back to older version, just like last month when they forced pop up ads for pro version.
  6. Hi, hazelnut, I found this on C Cleaner change log maybe has something to do with active monitoring not being able to disable ?
  7. Hi , since update to version 5.45.6611 when you uncheck active monitoring you have to restart computer to stop monitoring but after that if you click on C-Cleaner to open it then active monitoring re activates on it own ?????????????????????????????????? so no way to stop active monitoring and still use C- Cleaner with latest version if you uncheck it again and restart system then click on C-Cleaner then check active monitoring it is checked again by itself , thoughts ? probably roll back to older version ? thanks.
  8. I just installed windows 10 and tried registry cleaning but it keeps coming back with numerous ActiveX/Com not cleaned in registry, I guess this is a problem with windows 10 and C Cleaner compatability because windows 7 after cleaning it always came back no issues.
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