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  1. OMG,,this is what I get? Andavari: So I am "ungrateful crap"? Hazelnut: So I want everybody attention, just to work on my problem only? Is this what I want? really? OMG how SELFISH I am? LOL These are exact reason why I posted this thread separately, It isn't only about solving keyboard problem. It 's how this forum and active members like Andavari, Hazelnut, etc.. replies to threads. Most are worthless CRAPPY replies. EX: yes I posted a keyboard question, Andavari replied basically saying, update driver, uninstall/re-install, etc..DUH..I done that already, not worke
  2. Recently I posted a question about keyboard not working. It was very unique situation, That's why I posted the question here where (I assumed) most people are above average computer knowledge and take special interest in computer related things. I understand there are zillions of problems rising from suing computers, network, software/hardware, etc..BUT I assumed since computer things are afterall LOGICAL, not some unknown spiritual weird things that everybody has an opinion but nobody really knows anything. So I thought forums like this at least would've had the same problem or at
  3. Windows is up to date. Not old keyboard, also brand new keyboard not work sometimes too., so not keyboard issue. USB ports ok cus I can connect external HDD, no problem. Dirty USB? interesting? I will try but if dirty USB thus intermittent contacts then why external HDD work no problem? My original post mentioned that I tried most all options before posting here. Out of millions computers used and zillions forums, am I the only person with windows keyboard problem? Is my keyboard issue so unique? All mystery to me??? BUT so far ok cus keyboard works for
  4. Hummm??? After trying Troubleshoot option per " Try Windows 10 Settings...Update and Security...Troubleshoot (on left hand side) ", I am wondering how is that any different than what I tried in device manager? Uninstall, Update driver, reboot, etc.. It does exact same thing. I was excited at first but now I find out, no help at all. So nobody here ever had keyboard not working?
  5. This is most weird strange thing I seen computer does.... After keyboard not working again, done troubleshoot(nothing happen), uninstall keyboard, reboot, plug into different USB, etc.. Still keyboard not work, then after 5-10mins suddenly keyboard work perfectly, No messages, no new device installed messages, nothing..but keyboard work again.
  6. Well it keyboard worked for few days. now not work. so tried troubleshoot. it found that unknown driver not installed. maybe keyboard driver? how can i find other generic drivers?
  7. Very interesting, never knew such option existed. Thanks, I will try it next time keyboard not working. Funny, currently keyboard works fine, going on 2 days now. Usually stop working within 2-3 days.
  8. Not wireless keyboard and mouse. They are USB. Also even mouse sometimes stop working. SO I have to plug into different USB. Sometimes unplug then plug into same USB, mouse work again. That's strange. I have (6) USB on desktop. Just to make sure USBs are working, I plugged in external HDD, and HDD work fine, USB no problem. Another thing. After uninstall keyboard in device manager, reboot, computer does not recognize and install new device(keyboard) and not show popup message lower right corner. But in device manager keyboard in shown installed. But Keyboard not working.
  9. I have desktop, Windows 10. For over five years keyboard never failed, but lately every few days keyboard does weird things. Keys stick, backspace slow to work then not work, Win-E(open explorer not work), press one key then same letter repeats few times, etc.. All very strange keyboard actions. So I tried new keyboard, It work perfectly..for few days, and not work again like old keyboard. So I did following.. Unplug, reboot, let computer install keyboard..no luck Device manager, Keyboard, uninstall, reboot..no luck Device manager, update driver....no lu
  10. Thanks for your replies. Just curious, so why on laptop(Win7) these files not shown, but on desktop(Win 10) it does? I am running same version of CCleaner. Also on same desktop, I never saw this before, maybe older version CCleaner took care of it?
  11. Other PC is a laptop, Win 7. Here's Detailed results: Cleaning Complete - (4.115 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.00 MB removed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files deleted ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files 5,121 KB 1 files Internet Explorer - Cookies 1 KB 1 files System - Temporary Files 1 KB 1 files
  12. I have two computers running CCleaner v5.38.6357. When I Run Cleaner, on one computer I get 0 deleted and I am finished. But on second computer, desktop, Win 10, 64 bit, NO matter how many times I Run Cleaner, I get Details of Files Deleted showing Internet Explorer Temp Internet files 5121kb, 1 files, and cookies 1kb. See attached screenshot. So I Run Cleaner few more times, get same result. Never 0 deleted like other computer. Questions?? Is this normal? Any problems? Are any settings wrong? Thanks in advance
  13. I have v5.25.5902, Windows 10, 64bit Everytime I "Run Cleaner", I get same files shown in "Details of Files Deleted" Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet files 5121kb, 2files or 5112kb, 1 file. Sometimes Thumbnail Cache, adn System - Windows Log files See files attached for screen shot. NO matter how many times I run Cleaner, same results, most of time only Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet files 5121kb, 2files or 5112kb, 1 file shows up. I don;t think it's anything major, but any idea why this happens? Any way to get rid of this? I been running CCleaner of many y
  14. Hazelnut: Bother me about cookies? NO. I only heard about different cookies few days ago, so just curious, so I ask to learn more. I think it's ok to ask and get educated?? I hope? :) Maybe because I ask few times for clarification, it gave you an impression that I am really concerned about cookies. Certainly NOT the case. I am doing fine as is, NOTHING ever happen to be so far. I heard of Sandbox and what it can do. BUT not really for me. I am simple user only. I don't use proxy, VPN, etc..just clean cookies with CCleaner, that's it. Anyway, sorry to bother the forum with
  15. Thanks..I found the answer as soon as I posted the topic...sorry..
  16. I assume CCleaner is NOT anti-virus? (like AVG, McAffee, NOrton, etc) Can CCleaner be considered as anti-spyware/adware? Other words, besides CCleaner, do I need other spyware/malware cleaner like Malwarebytes?
  17. So super cookies can be more than FLash, and it can reside other places thus difficult to clean/remove them all. Since CCleaner only removed Flash cookies only, other Super cookies can in computer and we may NEVER know? For a forum like this, Super cookies are used or not? I assume not, only regular cookies? (which are cleaned by CCleaner) Can you confirm?
  18. Happy123


    Anybody know about VMWare? To my understanding, it can simulate as NEW computer on same computer hardware. I think almost like running Apple and PC on same computer hardware. so it can work as several PC on one computer. I am not technical use of PC, no gaming, not much multitasking, just as simple user. SO probably have NO application for me BUT like to know more about VMware. I saw VMWare website, but still don;t really understand what it is, how to use it, etc?
  19. I also read same website, but still not answering my question. Maybe it's just a word game..Super, flash, etc..Nobody really knows?? Anyway, the important question is this...To my knowledge, CCLeaner only cleans FLASH cookies. Then what happens to other Super cookies (IF ANY) that are left on computer?? Anybody from CCleaner technical staff can answer this? IF Flash is one of many Super cookies then what are some other super cookies? Examples? Then what to do? ok to leave on computer? how to delete ALL Super cookies?
  20. Sorry..Can admin move this to "right" sub-forum? BTW dvdbane...you reply did NOT answer my question. I read it before I posted. To be more specific...IP address, cookies, etc??? I thought my question was very CLEAR. Maybe nobody knows??
  21. So my excluded list of cookies came from Intelligent cookie scan... Other questions not answered... Is Super cookie same as Flash cookies? Or is Flash cookie a part of Super cookie set? Another words, outside of CCleaner world, when someone speak of Super cookie, is it only Flash cookies? Is the word SUper and Flash interchangeable? I ask this very detailed and clearly because some say it's same, but some say Flash is part of Super, and there are other SUper cookie types. I learned that CCleaner cleans Flash/Super cookies, I saw the option. Does this mean ALL/ANY cookies, super
  22. Also what does "sign in anonymously" mean?? What kind of tracing information is prevented from saved into this forum? I ask these questions because I like to learn what kind of information forums, websites, banks, google, etc keep when I use them.
  23. Just heard about Super cookies. Few questions... Is it same as Flash cookies only?? or other types of cookies too? I attached a screen shot of my CCleaner setting of excluded cookies. I don't remember excluding anything because I never knew about super cookies. So how these website got into excluded list on right side? Do I need to keep these website on excluded list? I learned that CCleaner cleans Flash/Super cookies, I saw the option. Does this mean ALL/ANY cookies, super or not, are removed by CCleaner?? Even https:// sites like banks?
  24. Recently I learned about cookies, IP address, banned from websites, etc....and many tracking methods used by server/websites. Just curious... When log into this forum, what does "remember me" do?? Remembers my IP address?? saves my cookie? Does this forum use and save "super/flash cookies"?
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