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  1. Finished running Recuva Deep Scan and it took about 6 days. I can answer my own question now by running a deep scan again and clicking the Cancel button. The good news is that the Cancel button allows you to preview all the files that if found up to the point you clicked cancel.
  2. The deep scan finished, and all of the [######].extension numbered files were basically junk, not sure if those were the files that extended the full deep scan (it took 6 days), but it seems like some sort of skip or exclusion option would be beneficial to cut down the total deep scan time, even if it is just to get a feel for if the deep scan is going to produce the desired results?
  3. Deep scan finished, but I guess this would be impossible to specify a deleted or damaged folder via deep scan because it doesn't seem to know about the folder at that point.
  4. I have been running a Recuva Deep Scan for about 4 days now and it appears to be stuck on a specific file for over 1 day now. The time to complete seems to be updated but I have my doubts that it will ever finish to 100%. Since I never ran this before I do not know what happens when the Cancel button is clicked? Does it just stop or do you have a chance to recover the files that it found up to that point?
  5. Running a deep scan that is in over 4 days and appears to be stuck, I realized that Recuva is an all or nothing proposition. In my case I lost the C:\Users folder and those personal files under a specific user are the files I am interested in recovering. I am assuming that Recuva is going through all sorts of temporary cache files, and files from thousands of games that I downloaded and subsequently deleted. If I could specify a specific root folder (in my case C:\Users) the thought is that the deep scan would be faster and only search for files under a specific root folder that I am interested in recovering. Please consider this option if it is possible.
  6. Currently running a Recuva deep scan and in about 4 days. Recuva is stuck on a specific file it appears as the file number is not going up and the length of time until completion is ever increasing. If it is possible a button on the deep scan progress window to skip over a file would be brilliant.
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