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  1. Thanks for the rapid response! These items are already checked, however.
  2. My rate of fragmentation has been slowly climbing over the last six months. It is now up to 28% (from about 3%), and if I run the software twice in a row the rate still remains this high. I have 61% of free space on the hard drive, so lack of space should not be an issue. Is there a setting that I need to adjust? Or, is the rate/level of fragmentation not a serious issue? Gordon Houston, TX
  3. It appears that the secret to retaining changes made at web sites (such as the graphics example above) is, as follows: in Google Chrome, Settings, On Start-up, click on Continue where you left off. I have not found the equivalent under IE, but it may call the action something else. Your pointing me to Settings did the trick (at least for Google Chrome).
  4. Thank you again for your time expended and your thoughts. I should point out that CCleaner provides an extremely valuable service, and the fact that a version of same is made available to the public at no charge is noteworthy. (I am presently evaluating the Pro service, but I have not yet had enough exposure to reach a definitive decision about becoming a member.) Let me describe my issue slightly differently. This is not a CCleaner problem, although it occurs when I run CCleaner, which is about once a week. I run IE on a laptop using Windows 8.1. In my business (investments), I have about six sites on tabs in the IE window over the course of a day so that I can switch back and forth with ease. One of these sites enables me to construct a stock-price chart from a very basic formation, which takes considerable time. As long as I don't close down IE, or the computer, I can continue to use my revised architecture for a graph. When I return the next day, all of my tabs are there, but all of my architectural revisions on the one tab have been lost, and I have to start from scratch again. This does not occur when using Google Chrome (on a desktop using Vista). I reboot the computer, open the GC icon, and all of my tabbed sites are still there, including all of the architectural changes that I made to the graphics site. I am not a computer technician, and probably 99% of all computer users merely want access to sites. I also don't have a thorough grasp of the use of tabs in IE, which may be able to get around my problem. What and where is the "Home Page" field to which you referred? Because of your assistance, I think that I understand (or can get around) the problem of cleaning Google Chrome files. You are also free to ignore my comments about tabs and sites, since this is a CCleaner forum! Again, my thanks for your inputs.
  5. Greetings, Australia -- By unchecking "continue to run background tasks," and by rebooting, I was able to bring up the Google "skipped" files for cleaning. However, over the course of a day I access various cites, which become tabbed under the Google chrome icon. As you can appreciate, this enables me to move from site to site with great ease. By disabling the background tasks and rebooting, I lose all of these tabs, and must start over again by opening each cite. Perhaps, this is the price of using CCleaner. Regardless, I appreciate your inputs. Thanks for taking the time to respond. GGB
  6. Thanks for the response. This option is already disabled.
  7. Some months ago I converted my operating system over from IE. When I first ran CCleaner, I remember being asked if I wanted to clean temporary files (internet, etc.). I must have said no at the time, because when I run the software today these are shown as "skipped" files. If I change the browser back to IE and reboot the computer, I can run CCleaner and remove these Google temp files. Of course, this is a nuisance, as one might expect. There must be settings stored somewhere which I can change that would enable me to avoid this hassle. Thanks for any thoughts. GGB Houston, TX
  8. Thanks for your rapid response. Since I am using a Vista platform, I changed the default browser back to IE, and then re-ran CCleaner. Same result (i.e., skipped Chrome folders). How do I access Chrome to make/look for other changes?
  9. Recently, I switched from using Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. When running CCleaner, there are several Chrome folders that are displayed as skipped (temporary internet files, cookies, etc.). How do I tell the software to include these folders in the cleaning process? Gordon Houston, TX
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