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  1. Is this a bug? My XPS 15 9550 has the i7 6700hq quad core in it but Speccy shows 2 cores. Just curious as to why that might be. Thanks, Jeff
  2. I believe the OP is looking for a program such as PC Decrappifier (free) that has check boxes and has an uninstall routine that removes/reboots when necessary and moves on to the next uninstall without input from the user. The program I just named fills this need so I can see why the folks at CCleaner have no real interest in re-inventing the wheel. Just perform a google search for the program; as always look out for crapware installations if you don't get it from the developers site. CNET/etc have all gone the crapware driveby route. Look at the installation screens before you click "Next".....
  3. CCleaner is one of two indispensable PC programs (MBytes being the other). Occasionally MBytes runs license specials; can you do the same? As much as I would love to have CCleaner Pro on my family's PCs, I can't afford 5 licenses; but I probably could if you ran specials and I purchase 1-2 each time. Just my $00.02. Regardless, keep up the great work on an iconic program. Best regards, Jeff
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