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  1. dvdbane I am familiar with DISM bit I am not aware of an cleanup of orphaned files I know it restricts what it copies making the WIM file but this is for re-imaging. I am after in place tools. regards
  2. Willy2 - The windows cleanup tool does not do many things, orphaned side by side files, and installers are not part of it . Nor from memory does it clean the whole c:\windows\softwaredistribution areas A 4rd party cleanup tool can attract a premium if it does the lot, ccleaner does not currently. Regards
  3. Hi More than 50% of the disk space used on my vm template is using c:\windows\installer , c:\windows\winsxs I am pretty confident there are orphaned files here. I tried wicleanup for the installers and this deleted some MSI's which were referenced in the registry, so this is a no go and warning to others. (i.e. uninstalls did not work) To me, any these are the two items any serious cleanup tool should have in the advanced section. Regards
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