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  1. start recuva pop up box stage 1 of 3: scanning drive for deleted files current progress xx% of 488896 files found I usually highlight everything knowing I have nothing at the time. run recuva at a later time files found at same number found or higher. running v1.520 on windows 10 1) what does that number really indicate 2) does it mean my deletions are still there 3) does any kind of wipe make the number go down thanks for thoughts, eauxmi
  2. I think Recuva does a great job of identifying unwanted 'stuff' and even builds a list to preview. However, CCleaner, for some unknown reason, doesn't clear everything. Is there some way I haven't yet discovered to obliterate 'stuff' that is found? I cannot get to cache to eliminate any thing found, for instance. Is tghere some doc that will help me clean my system of all unwanted data? It would be nice to be able to control something like that from the list Recuva provides. Thanks Phil S
  3. Oh well, "just let the damn thing run, dummy!" Thanks, the resolution was between my ears... Phil S
  4. Mt, thanks for your prompt reply. However, I don't know and can't find any 'rules' for drive wiper. All I can find online is here: http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/using-ccleaner/wiping-free-disk-space. Thanks. Phil S
  5. Dell 8700 w/dual core i5-4460 running win 8.1(64 bit) and ccleaner 5.03.5128 (64 bit). This process seems to loop working with MFT. A temp workspace (all numbers) fills to drive limit (1 terabyte) then blue screen's). Seemed to work properly when initially installed. All other tasks, like IE, not running. Even tried safe mode an many reboots. Help!
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