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  1. Hi, ccleaner ofcourse erases cache and browsing history contents of some of the browsers. Browsers like epic does not store the browsing inofrmation on its browser, but there will be traces of it in our hard drives. Does ccleaner clear these cache and traces. i read an article that it tores the data in our hard drive . Could anyone clarify on this.
  2. Hi, When you open speccy, your system is being scanned and then all the specifics are shown in separate tabs. What i suggest , is a kind of floating tab , always showing the vital indicators like cpu temp, mother board temp, hardware temp, and if possible download and upload speed (some items may be included from present ones) . It will be alwayls showing the monitored results , so that every body could easily those vital points. Speccy team may include some other very imp. parameters also if they think. Hope that this receives your attention
  3. Hi, I have mother board temperature shown in speccy in beginning user interface. But , does this tool has readings of cpu temperature. Morethan, motherboard temp, cpu temp is causing overheat, which if could be monitored ,, one could avoid , overheating or over clocking problem. pl inform me , whether this tool has
  4. Hi, I am using ccleaner for windows for longtime. I am glad to hear that there is an app from ccleaner for android also. I just upgraded to smart phone. So, i thought of downloading and start using. But doing so, it is found that it is not that much easy as in the case of windows. It lists files as separately and cache as separate and gives user to select and delete the application. Here is the confusion. In windows, i would just click analyse the default ccleaner, application and registry tabs to clean all it shows. The operation is e
  5. Hi, the expanded file shows a cache in avast. Should it be deleted. Normally I use ccleaner for getting rid of temporary files, which it does to the most satisfaction and using this tool for years . The expanded file is here C:\Users\intel\AppData\Roaming\AVAST Software\Avast\Cache\ChromeDWriteFontCache 28,138 KB This file is shown as a file that could not be deleted. Should i delete this or could leave it . How to get replies in my email. or should i have to come here for any reply
  6. Hi, I am using the latest ccleaner and please see the enclosed ccleaner clean screen. Avast utilities is shown as not cleaned. What is that temporary file that could not be cleaned . is that important, for avast av to run. Please
  7. When i open speccy and looking at the details, in monitor section, it shows 2 monitors, where as i have only one. Is this bug. I am using your latest free program. pl say
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